About Us

Our Commitment to You


The goal of Southeast Perinatal Associates is to provide you with the highest quality Maternal- Fetal Medicine consultative, delivery, and high-risk complicated pregnancy maternal care. We offer expertise, convenience and simplicity that is unmatched.

Our Commitment to Patient Satisfaction 

At Southeast Perinatal Associates you will find a team of experts dedicated to you. Our patient satisfaction surveys repeatedly earn high praise for the center and its specialized staff.

Our Commitment to Quality 

At Southeast Perinatal Associates we support safe, quality patient care by using a collaborative team approach between the patient, the patient’s family, physicians and staff. Our office staff is helpful and compassionate with two main priorities: you and your procedure.

Quality Committee 

As part of our commitment to quality care, the management of Southeast Perinatal Associates implemented a Continuous Quality Improvement Process at its inception. Each quarter, our Quality Committee reviews many items, including:

  • Patient Satisfaction Review where survey results, patient comments and any complaints are addressed.
  • Medical Records Review to be sure that our chart documentation is accurate and current.
  • Credentials Review to verify that our doctors, nurses and medical staff have up-to-date training and licenses.
  • Peer Review where our doctors review each other’s charts to be sure the best possible medical care is being provided.
  • Infection Control Review to verify proper equipment sterilization, and patient and employee safety in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

Post-Procedure Phone Calls 

Patients also shouldn’t be surprised to hear from us in the days following their procedure. Our doctors want to see how you’re feeling and to make sure that your visit to Southeast Perinatal Associates was positive. Our staff is trained to ask a series of questions. If the patient has a problem or question, our staff contacts the physician’s office and asks him to contact the patient directly. All information is kept in a confidential computer database for review by our Quality Assurance Committee so that we may continually improve our policies and procedures. We want to make sure your experience at Southeast Perinatal Associates is as pleasant as possible.

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In the case of an emergency, please go to your local emergency room or dial 911.